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On this page I publish reviews from my clients with photos they sent me. And here are reviews from my clients from different countries where I consulted in Russian.

Google translate translates well, but there are some unclear words. For example, we call Trichoderma greenly or brilliant green. We call the hot water pasteurization method “hydrothermy”, and instead of “flush” we say “wave”. The word “camera” means growing chamber - the translator sometimes translates it correctly, sometimes not). We very rarely use the expression "grow room", mostly a "grow chamber".

The rest of the text seems to translate correctly. 😎

Teqoa Farms, Israel

Raya Poltavskaya, QC (Quality control) Manager &Grower:

reviews of the work of an oyster mushroom specialist

By the standards of mushroom growing, we do not have a large farm, but quite significant for the local market - we are talking about several growth rooms for 10 tons of substrate.

Since the microclimate systems are somewhat outdated, we needed a technological audit and an information and educational course on the use of growing systems.

A few months ago, we entered into an agreement with Larisa, purchasing these two products - a technological audit and information support on oyster mushroom growing systems.

From the first online meeting, Larisa proved herself to be a highly qualified specialist, a responsive supervisor, and provided full support and acceptance of any questions.

We worked in detail on all aspects of the functioning of our microclimate systems, discussed how to adapt and modernize them to suit our tasks. Discussed and organized the purchase of related equipment. Analyzed problems and their solutions.

As a result, we received a complete and comprehensive answer in the form of a strictly ordered document with recommendations for the modernization and use of oyster mushroom growing systems. And all this, with full adaptation to our needs and requests.

In addition, the document contained a complete specification for the necessary equipment in a form that allows it to be purchased in any country.

During the entire cultivation cycle, we received the necessary help and support by phone, messenger and mail. Conducted experiments and experiments to increase productivity and adapt microclimate systems to the climate characteristics of the area. Received effective recommendations for negotiating with suppliers.

We are very glad that upon completion of the contract we do not end our fruitful cooperation with Larisa; we are confident that we remain reliable partners and will continue to exchange experiences and, if necessary, receive full assistance and advice for a new challenge!

Larisa is a professional chemist, technologist, agronomist and business consultant.

We are sure that contacting such a specialist will be useful, effective and definitely enjoyable!

I would like to complement Rai’s review on my own behalf. It was interesting for me to work with this case, since the ventilation and microclimate system itself was quite well thought out and could be adjusted quite well after some changes. Raya is a thoughtful and attentive technologist, a specialist in exotic mushrooms. Oyster mushroom was a new mushroom for her activity and we quickly managed to bring the appearance of the mushroom and its yield back to normal.

The shape of mushrooms before adjusting the microclimate system

And what beautiful mushrooms now


Agricultural Condominium Cultivating Compassion, Brazil

air duct in grow room
Such air ducts were installed in the growing room

Eduardo: Agradeço muito a consultoria que tive com a Larisa!

Sou brasileiro mas não tive a mínima dificuldade em nossa comunicação com os recursos que temos hoje de tradução de idiomas.

Achei ela bem experiente e tem métodos diretos e eficazes de detectar as falhas no processo de produção de composto e também no cultivo.

Translation into English

I am very grateful for the consultancy I had with Larisa!

I'm Brazilian but I didn't have the slightest difficulty in our communication with the language translation resources we have today.

I found her to be very experienced and to have direct and effective methods of detecting flaws in the compost production process and also in cultivation.


Substrate production by pasteurization


problems with the substrate

The problem with our substrate is stains.

preparing the substrate for pasteurization

We transfer the substrate on the platform under the canopy several times. If necessary, we soak it during transfer.

Nadun, Sri Lanka

substrate preparation

I first found Larisa’s website, then watched her video.

I learned a lot of interesting information.

Then I wrote to Larisa, and she advised me on the ventilation of the grow room.

We did as Larisa recommended - we installed cooling panels in the holes in the wall.

We have a positive result, as the shape of the mushrooms has improved and the yield has increased.

Further i'm working with her to develop oyster mushroom substrate by using paddy straw by pastuerizing them instead of sterilizing the saw dust.

This is what our oyster mushrooms looked like.
This is what our oyster mushrooms looked like.

Such an oyster mushroom now, we have installed evaporation panels. (Screen from video)

Mushroom farm AGRARI, Georgia. 

Spartak: Our enterprise has a pasteurization tunnel with a capacity of 30 tons.

We contacted Larisa because of green mold in mushroom blocks. Based on her recommendations, we insulated the tunnel, changed the heating and pasteurization mode, and reduced the amount of urea.

We began to treat the tunnel, clean area and growing chambers with the drugs that Larisa suggested, according to a certain scheme. The substrate began to overgrow well, and there was no mold.


We also developed green mold as a result of improper cooling of the blocks during incubation.

Therefore, we ordered another consultation - on setting the microclimate for incubation and the next stages of cultivation. Every morning for a month we called or corresponded with Larisa and adjusted all the climate parameters. We have large cameras and a computer program that regulates the climate.

Now we have linked together humidity, temperature in the chamber, amount of CO2 and adjustment of fan and exhaust power.


Here is the result in one of the growing rooms. This is the first flush, the Krios strain. We added 2.4% mycelium.

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