How to ventilate a mushroom grow room?

The choice of ventilation system depends, first of all, on the climate in your region and the method of arranging bags or briquettes with the substrate. The oyster mushroom growing […]

Air exchange for oyster mushrooms

The relationship between flow speed, air humidity and substrate humidity For oyster mushrooms, it is important not only to choose the right fan, depending on the tonnage of the substrate. […]

How to maintain humidity for oyster mushrooms

High humidity is needed for cultivating oyster mushrooms, at least 82-85%, and for some strains even 87-89%. How do I increase the humidity in my fruiting chamber? The humidity required […]

Grow room ventilation calculator

My calculator in Excel. All data is given in the metric system. If your country uses a different system for measuring mass and length, you can convert my data to […]

Calculation of the ventilation system for the growing room

Tables for chambers for growing oyster mushrooms with a load of 1 to 8 tons of substrate, in which the calculation is made: what should be the power of the […]

Deformed oyster mushroom is the effect of carbon dioxide

How do you control CO2 in a mushroom grow room? The more carbon dioxide in the growing room, the more different deformations we see in oyster mushrooms. Curvature of oyster […]

Оyster mushroom growing temperature and humidity

Creating an optimal microclimate To grow oyster mushrooms, three interconnected systems are needed: moisturizing (humidification in the mushroom chamber),  heating,  ventilation. In summer, cooling is also required, with a chiller […]

Mushroom ventilation system

What does ventilation for oyster mushrooms consist of? There are quite a few ways to distribute the air flow in oyster mushroom chambers, since there is no generally accepted standard. […]

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