What is the use of incubator in mushroom cultivation?

After inoculation with grain spawn, the mushroom blocks are transferred to the incubator. Why do you need an incubator for oyster mushrooms? Let's look at how the microclimate difference between […]

Induction of fruiting in oyster mushroom

Read about how oyster mushroom primordia look and form here. What is primordial initiation? When the mycelium is completely overgrown in the substrate, we begin to gradually lower the temperature […]

Perforations in the oyster mushrooms block

When should mushroom blocks be perforated? It is necessary to make holes in the block as soon as possible after inoculation, since the growing mycelium actively breathes and cannot develop […]

How to grow an oyster mushroom block.The incubation period

What is the incubation period for oyster mushrooms? The incubation period is the time from the inoculation of the mycelium until the appearance of the first primordia. During this time, […]

Oyster mushroom incubation humidity

In the process of overgrowing mycelium, the humidity in the incubator must be increased. If you have only one incubator that contains blocks of different ages, keep the humidity in […]

Temperature for incubation of oyster mushroom mycelium

The priority process in the first few days of incubation is the growth of oyster mushroom mycelium - after all, it was introduced into the substrate in large quantities. Then […]

Оyster mushroom incubation room

A mushroom incubator is a room for growing oyster mushroom mycelium in a two-zone growing system. The process of overgrowing mycelium in the substrate is called incubation. Mushroom incubator What […]

When is mycelium ready to fruit?

In this article, we will analyze when does it start fruiting mushrooms and when to transfer mushroom blocks from the incubator to the growing chamber. How to tell when mycelium […]

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