How to design a mushroom grow room?

I will look at the principles of placing mushroom blocks - separately for the incubator and the growing chamber. There is a separate article about ventilation equipment. In growing rooms, […]

What does oyster mushroom do with the substrate?

In short, oyster mushroom mycelium eats the substrate. That is, it uses nutrients from plant materials for the development of mycelium and the formation of fruiting bodies. All this is […]

How to calculate the cost of growing oyster mushrooms?

So, you want to start growing oyster mushrooms, and of course you are wondering how much money you need to invest in this project. How to determine how much money […]

Do mushrooms breathe oxygen or CO2

The most incredible thing that many people do not even think about is that most living organisms breathe air using oxygen and emit carbon dioxide and moisture. Many people think […]

Oyster mushroom yield

How many oyster mushrooms can you really get from one mushroom block? I met on the Internet promises of 100% yield. Therefore, some seriously believe that 10 kilograms of mushrooms […]

Are oyster mushroom spores dangerous? Which respirator will help?

If you enter the oyster mushroom growing chamber, and there is white dust there, it means that the mushrooms have already grown old and have begun to secrete spores, they […]

How to grow oyster mushrooms indoors: cultivation methods

Mushroom growing system - oyster mushrooms grow room  Two different technologies are used in growing oyster mushrooms. One of them assumes the presence of two types of premises with different […]

Do oyster mushrooms need light

Oyster mushrooms do not grow without lighting. In complete darkness, mushrooms do not form at all, a thin stem grows from primordia, like a needle with a black dot instead […]

Formation of oyster mushroom primordia - features and photos

When to start fruiting mushrooms It seems that this is a topic for beginners, but I advise everyone to read: maybe you will find new information. There are people who […]

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