Is grain spawn to blame if I have problems with oyster mushrooms?

Many mushroom growers believe that the quality of oyster mushroom mycelium can be compared in this way: inoculate spawn from two different companies into the same substrate. It is assumed […]

Oyster mushroom spawn

In this article I will talk about how to determine the quality of grain spawn, how to store it and how it can be defective. I have an article about […]

What is the best grain for oyster mushroom spawn?

Grain spawn is the most popular type of oyster mushroom mycelium among mushroom growers who grow large quantities of mushrooms. Grain spawn is used mixed with plant raw materials and […]

Mushroom strains. What is the best type of oyster mushroom?

I thought for a long time whether to write an article about oyster mushroom strains. After all, only large industrial enterprises use the grain spawn of world-famous firms, and it […]

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