How do you make a mushroom fruiting block?

Most videos on YouTube say that you take sawdust, soak it in a lime solution, then mix it with grain spawn and put the mixture into bags. That's all - […]

Pasteurization tunnel for oyster mushroom substrate

Tunnel pasteurization is suitable for industrial mushroom growing, especially in single zone growing system.  In many countries the tunnel is called a pasteurizer, I will use both terms. People for […]

Oyster mushroom substrate recipe: straw, hay, husk, bran

Substrates for growing oyster mushrooms are made from various plant materials. In this article I tell you what you can use as a mushroom substrate. Different substrates for mushroom cultivation […]

pH for mushroom substrate. Adding lime to the substrate

Adding lime or soda ash to raise the pH level Soda ash - commercially manufactured anhydrous sodium carbonate. How much to add these components depends on: alkalinity/acidity of your water; […]

What to do with spent oyster mushroom substrate

If you want to know whether it is possible to use spent mushroom substrate as spawn, go straight to point 6 of this article.👇 Old mushroom blocks that have spawned […]

How to prepare a substrate for oyster mushrooms

Hydrothermy is a method of heat treatment of raw materials for oyster mushrooms. Dry raw materials are poured with water so as to completely cover the raw materials. Then the […]

How to make an oyster mushroom substrate at home

YouTube says it's simple: pour boiling water over the components that were at hand (leaves, cardboard, shavings, sawdust), held for 5-8-12 hours (each mushroom grower recommends different numbers), you can […]

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