Bell pepper stuffed with rice and oyster mushrooms

In a previous article, I talked about how I make rice casserole with oyster mushrooms.

I'll list all the ingredients for the stuffing mixture again here, so don't be surprised if they look familiar. In this dish I use the same ingredients, only I removed vegetables (except onions) and cream from the mixture so that the filling is a little dry.

List of products:

– feta, 40-50 grams,

- one raw egg, without it the mixture will not stick together well.

- grated hard cheese of any brand, 50-70 grams, you can also add parmesan, grated on a fine grater, 15-20 grams.

- 30-40 grams of parsley, finely chopped without thick stems.

- 200 g oyster mushrooms,

- 100 grams of rice. The rice for this dish is the same as for the casserole. You need to take a type of rice that sticks together after cooking.

I don't put salt in the casserole because the feta and cheese are salty, but I do add a little salt to this mixture. Since the pepper is boiled in water and a little salt goes there.

- add spices to taste.

I cook the rice al dente and leave it to cool.

I cut the oyster mushrooms and onions into pieces. Then I fry the onions along with the oyster mushrooms in a frying pan with a small amount of olive oil.

Bell pepper stuffed with rice and oyster mushrooms.When I pour the onions into the pan, I sprinkle them with a little salt, just a tiny bit. Then it secretes juice.

I mix it with butter and add oyster mushrooms, mix again. After two to three minutes, the oyster mushrooms release water.

You need to stir this mixture from time to time until the water evaporates. Usually, 5 minutes is enough. If there is still water left, you can increase the heat and stir continuously for about a minute until the water has evaporated.

When the fried oyster mushrooms are warm, I put them in a blender, chop them and pour them into the rice. I also put feta, grated cheese, egg, chopped parsley, a little salt and spices there.

I take a red bell pepper, wash it, cut off the top and remove the seeds.

And I stuff the pepper very tightly with the rice mixture.

The only drawback of this dish is that even with the peppers tightly vertically placed in the pan, they still tend to lie on their sides, and the rice partially falls out. I tried making it without eggs and with it - the situation does not change.

But this is a small problem, I then use a spoon to scoop up the rice and push it back into the pepper.

So, we put the peppers in a saucepan, add water so that it completely covers them, and put it on the fire.

Once boiling, simmer over low heat until peppers are tender, about 25 to 30 minutes.

While the peppers are cooking, we will prepare the vegetable gravy. I like there to be a lot of gravy.

Therefore I take:

- two large onions, cut into cubes,

- medium carrot, one piece, grated,

- a sour apple, although a semi-sweet one will also work, I grate it too,

- tomato paste 30-40 grams or tomato juice.

I pour three tablespoons of olive oil into a frying pan and throw in the onion, adding salt and spices.

I simmer it until it becomes transparent, add the carrots, stir until it is oiled, then add the apple. Simmer for three to four minutes, add tomato paste mixed with water or juice.

When the gravy comes to a boil, I pour it into the cooking peppers, which by this time are already boiling.

The gravy turns out delicious, we first pour it over the pepper and eat it. And the next day, we eat this sauce, with grains of rice and minced meat floating in it, like soup.

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